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Veterans Affairs

The US Veterans Affairs (VA) program offers financial and other services to veterans, service members and their families. To be considered eligible for veterans services and benefits, an individual must have served on active duty in the military and been discharged in a manner other than under dishonorable discharge. There are some exceptions to this definition, depending on the circumstances. Veterans assistance programs are administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with the intent to support veterans after they are retired from active service.

The available veterans services range from financial assistance to educational training, depending on the needs of the veteran. The VA financial program was created to benefit veterans who are not able to handle their own finances due to age, injury or disease. Meanwhile, vocational and educational training programs for veterans help former service members find employment by undergoing job training and developing their resumes.

In any case, services available to veterans in the U.S. encompass much more than just the above. Veterans looking to purchase their own house, for instance, can apply for VA home loans. With this housing assistance, the VA guarantees part of the loan to the private lender (such as a bank) to make the loan terms more favorable to the veteran. Also, programs for veterans extend into pensions and disability benefits. Veterans affairs services and benefits include various sorts of counseling. Financial counseling provides advice on monetary matters and can help individuals to develop a financial plan to improve their financial circumstances. Bereavement counseling offers support to those suffering grief after the loss of a loved one. Furthermore, vocational and educational counseling are designed to assist veterans with the transition from active service to the civilian workforce.

Another US Veterans Affairs benefit that vets and servicemembers can enroll in is life insurance – to provide financial security to their families in the event of their passing. In the same vein, available services for veterans can also cover burial and memorial expenses, such as military funeral honors, burial flags and more. The VA may even provide headstones for unmarked graves of eligible veterans.

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What are veterans benefits?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers many helpful services to eligible veterans, service members and their families. These services include disability compensation, health care, educational funding, employment training and more. Many of these services are provided through the private sector with the support of the VA. Discover more about the benefits available to veterans, service members and their families today.

Who qualifies for veterans benefits?

Typically, the benefits available to service members, veterans and families depend on several factors. These eligibility criteria include the amount of time served, the veteran’s discharge status and more. Eligibility for veteran disability services generally depend on the nature of the disability, whether the injury was sustained during active duty and other criteria. The VA offers many services and programs, and each involves its own set of unique requirements. Veterans and service members are encouraged to learn more about which services they are eligible to receive.