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Learn About VA Employment Services

Veterans employment resources are available for service members through different Veteran Affairs programs. Veterans vocational rehabilitation services focus on helping service members successfully transition to civilian life by developing and implementing plans following separation from active duty. Veterans employment programs can help service members look for work opportunities, provide tools to maintain employment and start an entrepreneurial venture. Transitional veterans employment assistance programs like TAP specialize in preparing all service members for civilian life while still serving, whereas the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program is specifically for service members with a service-related disability. Likewise, veterans’ employment services can include compensation for tuition, on-the-job training and housing assistance to help veterans reach their career goals and live independently.

To apply for veterans employment assistance programs, any veteran or service member able to qualify may go online to sign up. Veterans employment programs require different applications than those used for VA education benefits. Unlike the VA education benefit programs, veterans vocational rehabilitation services do not solely provide funding for higher education but rather are available to assist veterans with employment accommodations, job training, resume development and coaching to improve job-seeking skills. One of the most popular veterans vocational rehabilitation services is the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provided by collaborating government agencies like the Department of Labor, Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs. Often times it is difficult to adjust from being a soldier to a civilian. TAP is a veterans employment assistance program that can make the transition easier. TAP offers briefings in which service members will learn about various veterans’ vocational rehabilitation services available to ease the shift into civilian life. The briefing sessions are in two parts. VA Benefits Briefing 1 is four hours long and details all information on topics such as compensation, life insurance, healthcare, home loans, education, vocational rehabilitation, employment benefits information and counseling. VA Benefits Briefing 2 is a two-hour long session that will go in-depth on all veterans employment services and program benefits provided by VA. There is also a section on disability compensation and other services for disabled veterans. Spouses or close family members of veterans are encouraged to attend. Newer veterans employment services offered by VA are optional two-day tailored tracks on career technical training, education and entrepreneurship. The two-day tracks are veterans employment resource workshops that provide assistance to service members who are working on transitioning to civilian life and are lost about what it is he or she wishes to do after discharge. The veterans’ employment resource workshops help veterans make decisions about career goals, civilian occupations and to start applications for any necessary vocational training. Find out more about veterans employment assistance programs by reading the comprehensive topics below.

Discover How to Qualify for Employment Services

Service members wonder, “How do I qualify for veterans employment assistance following military discharge?” Since veterans employment requirements can vary by program, discovering who can qualify for VA employment programs is contingent on the intended VA service. Likewise, a veterans VA employment period to qualify may be extendable under certain and personal conditions. The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Program helps transitioning and disabled veterans to find stable sources of income through VA employment services. Services included to insure veterans employment are comprehensive evaluations, job-seeking, on the job training, post-secondary training (at vocational, college and technical schools), resume development, work readiness assistance and many more supportive rehabilitation services.

Learn About the Transition Assistance Program

Finding veterans post-military transition services to aid in the process of switching from soldier to civilian can be beneficial. The VA provides the Veterans Transition Assistance Program to help with the shift from service to civilian life. Transition GPS counseling for veterans offers support systems that many need while making the transition. The acronym in transition GPS for veterans stands for the program’s focus: goals, plans and success. The program wants to ensure better preparation for veterans along with their family members for the future.

Find Out How the Employment Benefits Appeals Work

It is important to know how to appeal a decision regarding veterans employment benefits in the event that Veterans Affairs denies an employment benefit claim. A VA employment claim appeal is an applicant’s request to challenge a denial. The VA employment benefits appeal process can initiate when an applicant receives the claims denial letter. A veteran may have grounds for the veterans employment benefits appeal process if the reason for rejection looks erroneous such as a question of qualification. Obtaining employment benefits from the VA is important for transition veterans to find employment after discharge.