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Learn About Home Loans and Housing Assistance

Providing housing help for veterans is one of the highest priorities of the United States government. Housing help for veterans is important, as many veterans risk losing their homes when they go to serve in the armed forces, and many injured veterans need special housing accommodations. The purpose of the VA housing program is to provide assistance to any servicemembers, veterans and any eligible surviving spouses of veterans who want to become homeowners or who require certain housing accommodations. The VA home loan program works alongside banks and mortgage companies to guarantee homes for veterans that will remain affordable.

Veterans housing assistance provides a few different benefits that assist veterans and their surviving spouses with finding or maintaining a home. Providing VA home loan benefits, which are meant for purchasing homes, is one of the ways that it helps. These loans, simply referred to as purchase loans, allow veterans to get a competitive interest rate on their loans without having to put down a substantial down payment or pay more on their private mortgage insurance.

Another form of VA housing assistance comes from something known as an interest rate reduction refinance loan. Sometimes this loan is just called the streamline refinance loan. This type of VA housing assistance focuses on veterans who already have a home loan, but are having a difficult time keeping up with payments. The VA home loan program helps to reduce the interest rates of these existing loans by refinancing them.

One of the more specific parts of the VA housing program is the Native American direct loan program, which helps Native American veterans with financing, purchasing, building or improving homes that are on Federal Trust Land.

Another specific grant in the VA housing program is the adapted housing grant. These grants are meant to provide homes for veterans who received some sort of injury resulting in disability while they were serving. The grants assist with purchasing homes or modifying and constructing a home so it can be more accommodating for the veteran. These VA home loan benefits are very helpful for veterans who are returning from service and need to make serious changes around their home to address any injuries that they received. Learn more about home loans and housing assistance for veterans by reviewing the following sections:

What loans are available to veterans?

Several different VA home loan types are available to veterans and, in many cases, the families of veterans. The variety of housing grants for veterans to choose from can be advantageous, as it provides applicants with many options, but it does mean the veteran or his or her family will have to do a little bit of research to find the best possible plan. To get help with home loans for veterans, applicants always have the option of visiting the nearest VA facility for assistance. While the VA is normally associated with just medical issues, there are legal experts as well who can help with VA home loan types and other issues.

Learn About Home Loan Requirements

The qualifications for VA home loans may initially look very overwhelming. Determining VA housing assistance eligibility depends on the time period in which the veteran served. The VA loan guidelines have tables dating as far back as World War II, but veterans only need to pay attention to the information that relates to their service dates.

How to Apply for Home Loans

To apply for VA home loans, veterans will have to go through several different steps. Some of the steps are very similar to the process of applying for a home loan through a bank or private lender. However, some VA home loan rules are different, since they apply specifically to veterans or the surviving family members of a veteran. The veterans home loan application takes a little longer to fill out than a standard home loan application, because it requires additional information regarding the veteran’s military history.