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Learn About Veterans Life Insurance

Life insurance for military veterans is something that the United States government takes very seriously. Life insurance for veterans has to be some of the best because of the high-risk situations that military members face during their service. While there are many veterans life insurance benefits available, it can sometimes be difficult for veterans to sort through all of the information, especially if they are trying to find out about their coverage during a medical emergency. Veterans life insurance can also be confusing because there are so many different types available. Some military life insurance policies are determined by how long the veteran served in the military or by the military branch in which the veteran served. Common types of life insurance for veterans include the following plans:

  • Service-members Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
  • Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI)
  • Service-members Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI)
  • Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI)
  • Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI)
  • Family Service-members Group Life Insurance (FSGLI)

Each veterans life insurance policy will have slightly different eligibility requirements. The application process for VA life insurance will also be different depending on the type of insurance. For example, life insurance for retired veterans and national service life insurance might have entirely different eligibility guidelines. While this may all seem overwhelming at first, veterans should keep in mind that free medical and legal assistance is available from any VA clinic.

VA life insurance help can also be found through online resources, which can help veterans to find an appropriate insurance program. The website has a useful tool that allows veterans to select their military position from a dropdown menu. This is something that both veterans and active service members are able to use.

The search tools will help determine what kind of military retiree life insurance is available based on the military branch and how long the veteran served in the military, as well as when they joined. The website also provides in-depth information about each of the plans, including all the costs and rates for each separate plan. Learn more about life insurance for veterans and their families by reviewing the following sections:

Discover Available Life Insurance Options

Multiple types of life insurance for veterans are available for those who qualify. Eligibility guidelines for veterans life insurance coverage programs depend on how long the applicant has been serving in the military, while other programs are for members of a specific military branch. Because there are so many types of VA life insurance, it is important that applicants check through all of the available plans so they can find one that provides the coverage that they need. A unique veterans life insurance application will be required to apply for coverage through each different program.

Find Out How to Qualify for Life Insurance

Multiple types of VA life insurance policies are available to veterans based on the veteran’s specific medical conditions or participation in certain branches of the armed forces. Veterans’ life insurance eligibility requirements are different for each policy type, so interested veterans will need to verify their qualifications. For instance, the disabled veterans life insurance eligibility guidelines will have medical requirements, while other VA life insurance policies may only require membership or veteran status within the armed forces. Veterans should carefully look over each of the insurance plans to find one that best suits their military history and provides them with the necessary medical coverage.

Learn How to Apply for Life Insurance

Learning how to apply for veterans life insurance benefits can be complicated because there are several different insurance programs available to veterans. Applying for veterans life insurance does require submitting a lot of information as well, especially for some of the more specialized insurance programs. Many of the veterans life insurance forms will directly state what type of information is required and where veterans might be able to find that information.

Understand Life Insurance Rates

Veterans life insurance rates and coverage depend on the particular type of insurance plan a veteran selects. The cost of VA life insurance reflects the amount of coverage that is offered, with the more expensive plans ultimately providing coverage that is more extensive. One of the main differences between veterans life insurance rates and the rates for private insurance is that veteran life insurance can change depending on factors such as how long the veteran has served in the armed forces. Some specific plans provide better costs and coverage for veterans who have been in the armed forces for a longer time. VA disability rates also have an impact on costs and rates for life insurance. Please be aware that rates and coverage may be subject to change.