Information Regarding Applying For Life Insurance


Learning how to apply for veterans life insurance benefits can be complicated, because there are several different insurance programs available to veterans. Applying for veterans life insurance does require submitting a lot of information as well, especially for some of the more specialized insurance programs.
Many of the veterans life insurance forms will directly state what type of information is required and where veterans might be able to find that information. Learn more about applying for veterans life insurance by reviewing the following sections:

  • Starting the application for veterans life insurance
  • How to apply for veterans life insurance benefits
  • What to bring to apply for veterans life insurance
  • Getting approved for veterans life insurance

Starting the Application for Veterans Life Insurance

Determining which veterans life insurance forms to fill out is the very first thing that applicants have to do. Specific veterans life insurance forms are attached to each plan. The following documents are used for applying for veterans life insurance policies:

  • Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) coverage is automatic and does not require any particular form, but a veteran who wants to get coverage for members of his or her family must fill out form SGLV 8286.
  • Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) coverage requires applicants to complete form SGLV 8714.
  • Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) coverage uses the form SGLV 8286A.
  • Traumatic Injury Protection Program (TSGLI) coverage is automatically applied to soldiers who have SGLI coverage. Applicants who believe they are eligible but are not automatically getting benefits can complete form SGLV 8600.
  • Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI) uses form VA-29-4364 to request coverage.
  • Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) coverage uses form VA 29-8636.

National Service Life Insurance forms can be used to make changes to an existing National Service Life Insurance policy. The program has not accepted any new applicants since 1951, so applying for National Service Life Insurance coverage is not an option. Some useful National Service Life Insurance forms include form 29-0152, which allows the policyholder to change term insurance to a permanent insurance plan, and Form 29-0188, which enables certain NSLI policyholders to apply for Supplemental Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance.

How to Apply for Veterans Life Insurance Benefits

Veterans life insurance forms can be obtained in a couple of different ways. One of the most common ways for veterans to obtain these forms is to visit a VA health care facility. Not only is it possible to get all of the necessary veterans life insurance forms at a VA clinic, but veterans have the option of working alongside both medical and legal experts to get assistance with completing all of the different forms. Legal and medical experts know how to apply for veterans life insurance benefits, and they can offer advice about which plan is best for the veteran.

Applying for veterans life insurance does not require a trip to the VA, however. Applicants who are unable to make it in person to a VA health care facility can call the facility to get help. Applying by telephone can take a little longer than applying in person, and the applicant must already have access to the veterans life insurance forms for the specific plan they want.

Applying for veterans life insurance through the internet is another common way that applicants may obtain benefits. The VA has specific applications available that allow veterans to submit all of their veterans life insurance forms electronically. One of the most convenient features of applying online is that all the information is archived, which can be very useful if the veteran ever needs to make an appeal and reference old paperwork. Veterans who are wondering how to apply for veterans life insurance benefits can also access the online resources to get assistance. Veterans can also print the documents, which can then be filled out by hand and submitted through the mail.

What to Bring to Apply for Veterans Life Insurance

Many of the veterans life insurance forms will reference other types of documentation that the veteran will want to have on hand. One of the most important things that the veteran should have are any documents relating to their enrollment, as well as any discharge forms. When applying for veterans life insurance, veterans who are on disability or have a traumatic injury will have to bring all of their medical documentation in order to prove their conditions. Veterans are encouraged to bring along any copies of doctor or psychiatrist notes to use as additional evidence.

Getting Approved for Veterans Life Insurance

Completing all of the necessary veterans life insurance forms is just the first step in getting coverage. After applying for veterans life insurance, the application is reviewed and the VA will notify the veteran. Veterans will then have to schedule an appointment with one of the nearby VA medical facilities.

If an applicant is not accepted into the program, he or she will have to fill out additional veterans life insurance forms in order to file for an appeal. Details about the appeal process are listed on the rejection letter, along with specific reasons explaining why the veteran was not accepted for life insurance coverage. In addition to filing new veterans life insurance forms, veterans might have to get a doctor’s appointment in order to obtain proof of any existing medical conditions.

What are veterans benefits?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers many helpful services to eligible veterans, service members and their families. These services include disability compensation, health care, educational funding, employment training and more. Many of these services are provided through the private sector with the support of the VA. Discover more about the benefits available to veterans, service members and their families today.

Who qualifies for veterans benefits?

Typically, the benefits available to service members, veterans and families depend on several factors. These eligibility criteria include the amount of time served, the veteran’s discharge status and more. Eligibility for veteran disability services generally depend on the nature of the disability, whether the injury was sustained during active duty and other criteria. The VA offers many services and programs, and each involves its own set of unique requirements. Veterans and service members are encouraged to learn more about which services they are eligible to receive.