Find Out About Post-Service Job Opportunities

Transitioning from military service to the civilian lifestyle is always a big challenge for veterans, because, oftentimes, service personnel may not understand exactly where they fit in the big picture. Fortunately, there are numerous employment opportunities that veterans can easily take on because the military service equips them with sufficient skills to handle such tasks. Read below for a list of some of the jobs, trades and occupations that veterans can take on after serving their country.

Find Out About Jobs in Skilled Trades

Most veterans leave the military service with hands-on skills that are valuable to employers. The rigorous training that military service members receive while in the service makes them valuable assets to employers in the construction and craft industries. Trained veterans, therefore, take on skilled jobs as auto mechanics, carpenters, welders and aircraft mechanics. Still others may obtain additional job training and go on to receive their license to become electricians, plumbers, commercial drivers, heavy equipment operators, industrial maintenance technicians, HVAC technicians or diesel mechanics.

Learn About Transportation and Logistics Jobs

While still in military service, members gain experience on how to coordinate the movement of supplies and how to drive large vehicles. Privileged members may even get experience flying aircrafts or coordinating air traffic. These veterans pursue civilian careers in logistics and supply chain management, long-haul truck driving, truck delivery driving, air traffic control and aviation.

About Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Jobs

These types of jobs are natural fits for ex-military veterans because the types of activities involved are familiar to them. Veterans always want to participate in serving their communities, and as a result, they fall into law enforcement where they assist in providing security and serving justice. Some of the positions they take on include: criminal investigator, police officer, private investigator, security guard, corrections officer and probation officer.

Find Out About Jobs in Information Technology

The military is associated with the most advanced technology, and veterans who have worked as IT specialists can easily fit in within telecommunication and information technology companies. Veterans who understand advanced computer systems become cyber security specialists, computer programmers, software developers, telecom technicians, database administrators, computer support technicians and network administrators.

Learn About Federal Government Jobs

Veterans may receive a veteran preference when it comes to certain federal government jobs. Veteran preference is a special advantage that increases a veteran’s chances of getting a federal job. Some of the government job areas veterans go into include homeland security, nursing, engineering, social work, administrative work and technical work, among others.

Learn About Jobs in Education

Ex-military members have special mentoring and training skills that they gained in the service. Furthermore, the Department of Defense offers a program called Troops to Teachers that assists military members in becoming certified public school teachers. As a result, veterans always have the option to take on teaching at all levels.

What jobs are available for disabled veterans?

There are special hiring authorities and training programs that are specifically tailored for veterans who suffered disabilities while in the service. Such programs and authorities have helped more than a third of the veterans with service-connected disabilities to secure work in the public sector. Companies also offer career opportunities to disabled veterans, and most have successfully transitioned into these company jobs.